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Binance Coins to watch 11 September 2019

Hey guys and gals, I know most of you are busy like I am (preparing for my lvl 3 exam) but between here and there I’ve put together a list with Binance coins with weekly W’s on the line chart to keep an eye on. If this altcoin rally is for real we should see some more action as some of the coins already popped.

Here is a list of coins with weekly W’s and potential W’s which i’m following. For sure there are some coins that pumped already so in this case I should draw the RLZ and put that damn order and patiently wait for it. One thing should I take in consideration.. when I’m not in a trade it’s like putting the money in my pocket so there is no way to chase this silly coins. I also acknowledge that the week is not over so I need to take it with a grain of salt.

Coins with weekly W’s 







Coins trying to form a W, means that last low has been holding and a W is trying to form, kind anticipating the W .. but I will to keep an eye on.. if this altcoin rally is real the W’s will confirm.



POA/BTC – second low is a bit lower 



This is what I’m following right now, I’m a bit quiet on the blog with my journey as I’m very busy with learning for exam and other stuff but between here and there I’m still taking some trades.

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